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We are specialized in individual holiday trips to the following African islands or archipelagos:


Cape Verde

Only 6 hours away from Europe, in the Atlantic Ocean, you find Cape Verde. 10 small islands of volcanic origin, full of contrasts, with the exotic charm of the tropics, a paradise for all those who are seeking something different for the selection of their holiday destination.

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The Seychelles are a handful of small islands in the Indian Ocean, South of the equator, being rightly called the most beautiful islands of the world.

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Yet nearly untouched by tourism, Madagascar is full of mystery and old traditions and has amazingly diverse landscapes. The friendly, hospitable people make visitors feel easy on the "great island" from the beginning.

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La Réunion

An island in the Indian Ocean being full of inspiration. La Réunion offers the visitor everything he wishes for a diverse holiday.

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